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Miniature Games

Wyrd happenings at Off The Wall

We have the new Malifaux Rules version 1.5 in stock!  We also have the Retro Fate  Decks!

We have Wyrd’s latest invention, Puppet Wars:  The Board Game in stock with all of the available boosters and expansions as well. Every Tuesday at OTW our resident Wyrdo, Coureton hosts Malifaux games at OTW!  Come on down and check out the humorous horror which is the Malifaux universe!  Its fun to play and easy to learn!

World War II… Off the Wall style

Flames of War is the best of the World War II miniature game on the market.  It gives you all the armies and pieces to fight the bigger and smaller battles of the war and it lets you decide the outcome based on how well you fight and not what history says happened!  We are the areas largest dealer of Flames of War.  We have the entire line available and a large in store stock with all the newest sets in!  We also have the Viet-Nam pieces and books in stock for those who want to recreate the land war of the 60′s and 70′s!

The fleets and armies of the Dystiopian world come to battle!

Every Tuesday, come down and see the marvelous Steampunk Victorian models duke it out with one another in the easy to learn and amazingly affordable Dystopian Wars miniature game system with our own Master Strategist, Coureton!  Yes, the Victorian Steampunk miniature wargame Dreadnaught units are now at Off The Wall Games!    We have a good supply and can readily get more! We are forming a new league, no experience is necessary to join!  The League Rules will be an Alpha Test, so please do comment about them so we can make them as smooth and playable as possible.

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